British Made Freeway Bar Casing with White Thermometer - 7/8" Bars

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Freeway Bar Clock

Our NEW! Freeway Bar Clock is designed for direct attachment to the handlebar and will compliment the gauge or gauges already on your bike.

Featuring a beautiful purpose-built billet aluminium housing that is then given a high mirror polish - this is sure to add sparkle on your 7/8" handlebars. All of our billet handlebar clocks are now available in three standard sizes - 7/8" (22.22mm), 1" (25.4mm) & 1 1/4" (31.75mm). Other sizes are available by special order - please contact us for details.

The housing is machined using state of the art Diamond tipped milling tools, which ensures surface integrity and provides a precision finish to the highest specification..

Each housing incorporates a water-proof quartz Thermometer.

Our instruments are available with a choice of combination styles - Your choice of WHITE or BLACK dials to match your factory gauges.

All our gauges feature Luminescent hands and dials and have a "soft gasket" mounting system that helps insulate against the damaging effects of vibration. Our instruments feature a stainless steel case and special gasket that seals the lens and protects the movement from being damaged by water.

Our gauges are Triple plated for durability and incorporate scratch resistant mineral glass lens.

Our Freeway Bar Clock will fit on the 7/8" bars of all makes of motorcycles.

Not sure of the size of your handlebars? The most common handlebar size for H-D and Cruiser motorcycles is 1"; however just to make 100% sure, you can measure the circumference of the bar at a straight section using either a piece of string, paper or a tape measure. A 1" bar will measure 3 1/8" (79.37mm), a 7/8" bar will measure 2 3/4" (69.85mm) and a custom fat or chubby bar (usually 1 1/4") will measure 3 7/8" (98.42mm) around.

Installation is very easy. The clock fits on the handlebar and is tightened with a small set screw using a hex wrench (which is supplied). The set screw is well-hidden, which makes for a clean mounting after the unit is installed.

Our Freeway Bar Clock can fit anywhere on the handlebars - the only real variable is determining the angle that provides the best view of the watch when you're on the bike, so you may want to sit on the bike to locate it in the position that works for you.

Attractively packaged and fully guaranteed.

NEW!! All of our clocks and thermometers are now available in professionally powder-coated gloss black to special order - please contact us for details.

Please Note: These clocks are not the usual mass produced low grade products made in the Far East that are offered by everyone else - these are Precision-crafted from excellent materials by Pro-Street Cycles in the UK.


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