British Made Solid Brass Royal Enfield® Billet Stem Nut Cover with Black Clock

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Our NEW! Solid Brass Royal Enfield Stem Nut clock is the perfect addition to your Royal Enfield motorcycle. The solid brass housing is positioned near to your Speedometer and Ammeter, and is very easy to see when riding - it also looks so good it looks as though the factory put it there themselves! Made in Britain.

Fits all models of the Indian made Royal Enfield Bullet (also fits the Royal Enfield Constellation - please contact us regarding other Royal Enfield models).

Our instruments are available with a choice of combination styles - Your choice of WHITE or BLACK dials to match your factory gauges.

Made in the UK, the cover is crafted from solid brass, which is then designed to give you the look and quality of a classic vintage or old school looking timepiece, that will be sure to compliment and enhance the look of your bike.

Each housing is machined using state of the art Diamond tipped milling tools, which ensures surface integrity and provides a precision finish to the highest specification.

The cover then incorporates a water-proof quartz clock which beautifully conceals the original fork stem nut.

All clocks feature Luminescent hands and dials and have a "soft gasket" mounting system that helps insulate against the damaging effects of vibration. The clocks feature a metal case and special gasket that seals the lens and protects the movement from being damaged by water. Clocks are Triple plated for durability and incorporate scratch resistant glass lens.

The clock fits over the stem nut and is tightened with a small stainless steel set screw using a hex wrench (which is supplied). The set screw is well-hidden, which makes for a clean mounting after the unit is installed.

Installation is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Attractively packaged and fully guaranteed.

The time for putting your glove down and your sleeve up just to have a look at your watch is now over.

Please Note: Our clocks are not the same as the usual cheap clocks found in other poor alternative products. Those clocks are usually gold in colour with roman numerals and plastic backs AND ARE NOT WATERPROOF!. You have to take the thing off every time to wash your bike or take it off while riding when it starts to rain..... and don't forget to take it off or else it's screwed!

Our clock casings are not a generic one-size fits all component as offered by other retailers - they are specifically designed to fit the stem nuts of the stated models!

Also our casings are not the usual mass produced low grade products made in the Far East that are offered by everyone else - these are Precision-crafted from excellent materials by Pro-Street Cycles in the UK.


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