British Made VerSa Billet Casing with White Thermometer

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Our VerSa Billet Clock can be fixed almost anywhere you may have need for a clock. Incorporating the latest in 3M VHB* Adhesive Technology, the clock is easily fixed to most flat surfaces such as windshields, fairings, fuel tanks, bar clamps etc. Our VerSa Billet Clock is the ultimate versatile solution.

Our VerSa Billet Clock can be placed on the dash of a Harley-Davidson Road King , the front master cylinder reservoir cover of a Yamaha V-Star Custom , the windshield on a Kawasaki Vulcan, the upper triple tree of a Honda Shadow, or the handlebar clamp of a Suzuki Intruder.

Really, this product can be placed on any bike, in a variety of locations according to personal preference.

Imagine the possibilities on any number of motorcycles in the marketplace!

The housing is machined from billet aluminium and then given a high mirror polish. Overall case diameter is approx 44.00mm x case depth of approx 10.35mm

Each housing is CNC machined using state of the art Diamond tipped milling tools, which ensures surface integrity and provides a precision finish to the highest specification.

Each housing incorporates a water-proof quartz Thermometer.

All Thermometers feature Luminescent hands and dials and have a "soft gasket" mounting system that helps insulate against the damaging effects of vibration. The Thermometers feature a metal case and special gasket that seals the lens and protects the movement from being damaged by water. Thermometers are Triple plated for durability and incorporate scratch resistant glass lens.

The Thermometer is available with a choice of combination styles - Black Face/Chrome Bezel or White Face/Chrome Bezel.

*VHB Joining Systems utilise firm acrylic adhesives which have excellent long term holding power that is sure to stay on your motorcycle for hundreds of thousands of miles. The peel adhesion and tensile holding power of products in the VHB family are significantly higher then typical pressure sensitive tape products. Resistance to water, solvents, temperature extremes, and U. V. Light make VHB products suitable for many interior and exterior applications.

Attractively packaged and fully guaranteed.

NEW!! All of our clocks and thermometers are now available in professionally powder-coated gloss black to special order - please contact us for details.

Please Note: Our clocks are not the same as the usual cheap clocks found in other poor alternative products. Those clocks are usually gold in colour with roman numerals and plastic backs AND ARE NOT WATERPROOF!. You have to take the thing off every time to wash your bike or take it off while riding when it starts to rain..... and don't forget to take it off or else it's screwed!

Precision-crafted from excellent materials by Pro-Street Cycles in the UK.


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